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System Upgrade Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The following answers to the most frequently asked questions concerning U.S. New Mexico's system upgrade are provided to assist our members through the process. The FAQs are divided into the following topics: System Upgrade; Direct Deposit Postings; Debit/ATM Cards; Audio Response (telephone banking); Online and Electronic Services; and After the Upgrade.

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Q: Why is U.S. New Mexico upgrading their core system?

A: Several factors, including the age and efficiency of our current system, led us to determine that converting to a better technology system now was the right decision for us and our membership. Ultimately, this system upgrade will improve the long-term efficiency of your credit union and enable us to continue to provide great rates and superior member service. All of us at U.S. New Mexico thank you for your patience as we complete this system upgrade.

Q. Will my member account number change with the upgrade?

A. No, your account number and all related suffixes will remain the same. However, the credit union will migrate to a 13-digit account number format for check clearing and electronic debits and credits posting to your account. Your existing checks and electronic debits and credits will continue to process as normal but as you reorder checks with us, or originate ACH transactions from another financial institution, you will see the format change. On the statements, your member account number will be preceded by zeros.

Q. Will the credit union be closed during the computer system upgrade?

A. Yes, the credit union will close at 3:00 p.m. on Friday, March 30, 2012 and will re-open Tuesday, April 3, 2012.

Q. What if I have an automatic transfer scheduled during the system upgrade?

A. Automatic transfers are posted Monday through Friday. All transfers scheduled prior to the upgrade will be completed by close of business on Friday, March 30th and will resume the following Monday.

Q. Will transaction history be available with the upgrade?

A. Yes. The most recent 18 months of transaction history will be available. If you want to retain any history of transactions beyond this period, you can print or save this information prior to 5:00 p.m. on March 30th.

Q. Will shared branching services be available during the system upgrade?

A. No, shared branching services will not be available during the system upgrade but will be available once the upgrade is completed.


Q. Will anything change regarding my ACH (Direct Deposit or Withdrawals) postings to my account?

A. As always, we will continue to process Direct Deposits first. Once the Direct Deposits have been posted we will then post the withdrawals from your account. Providing we have received the file from the employer or paying source (Social Security, pension provider, etc.), all ACH deposits due for April 1st will be posted on March 30, 2012.

Q. What if I am expecting a Direct Deposit posting to my account during the system upgrade?

A. The credit union will post direct deposits scheduled for April 1 and 2 on the morning of March 30th providing we have received the file from the employer or paying source (Social Security, Civil Service pension provider, etc.).

Q. Will I have to contact anyone (employers, automatic payments for utilities, insurance companies, and mortgage companies) after the upgrade?

A. There is no need to notify anyone of the upgrade since your account number will not change. We will migrate to a 13-digit format for checks and electronic items but you will not need to contact any existing sources of funds or payees with the new information as the current information will still process as normal.


Q: Will the upgrade require me to use a new debit card?

A: No. You can continue using your existing card after the upgrade.

Q. Will I be able to use my Debit/ATM Card during the system upgrade?

A. Yes. Existing debit cards, ATM cards, and credit cards will continue to work during the upgrade. During the weekend of the upgrade, authorization amounts will be limited.

Q. How should I prepare for the upgrade?

A. During the upgrade weekend, Debit and ATM Card authorizations may be limited, so we advise you to withdraw additional cash prior to the upgrade, use your U.S. New Mexico Visa credit card, or carry your check book as an alternative method of payment.

Q. Will my Personal Identification Number (PIN) for my plastic card change?

A. No, your PIN will remain the same.

Q. When will Debit/ATM transactions performed during the upgrade timeframe show on my account?

A. Any Debit/ATM transactions that occur during the system upgrade timeframe will post to your account as soon as the upgrade is completed and will show on your April 2012 statement.

Q. Will ATMs be available during the system upgrade?

A. ATMs will be available during the upgrade but the amount available will be limited.

Q: How will my credit card be affected during upgrade?

A: You will be able to use your U.S. New Mexico credit card without interruption during the upgrade.


Q. Will CU by Phone be impacted by the system upgrade?

A. During the system upgrade, CU by Phone (telephone banking) will not be available. These services are expected to be available the afternoon of Monday, April 2, 2012.

Q. Will my Personal Identification Number (PIN) for audio response change?

A. Your PIN will not change with the upgrade.


Home Banking

Q. Will the credit union's website be available during the upgrade?

A. CU Online (Home Banking), including bill payer, will not be available during the upgrade. These services are expected to resume Monday, April 2, 2012. We will periodically update our public website during the system upgrade weekend to keep members informed of the status. Just visit regarding the availability of services.

Q. Will my online banking transfers be affected by the upgrade?

A. All transfers between U.S. New Mexico accounts scheduled prior to the upgrade will be completed.

Q. Will the past history of transactions on my account still be available on CU Online (Home Banking)?

A. Yes. Eighteen months of past history of transactions WILL be available.

Q. Will I still have the ability to make my Visa payment online?

A. Yes.

Q. Will I be able to view my mortgage or make payments to my mortgage loan after the upgrade?

A. Yes, you will be able to make payments to your mortgage and view limited information.

Q. Will I be able to print an image of a check that cleared prior to April 1, 2012?

A. Yes. You will be able to print check images from the most recent 18 months of available history.


Q. Will E-Statements prior to April 1, 2012 convert to the system?

A. Yes. If you are currently receiving E-Statements, you will continue to do so.

Mobile Banking

Q. Will there be a disruption of service for Mobile Banking?

A. Yes. Mobile Banking, which gives you the availability to log in to your accounts at the credit union, will be unavailable for a period of time.


Q. Will my statement look different?

A. U.S. New Mexico intends to keep a very similar look after the upgrade.


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